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Nylon Expeditions: A Madbury Editorial Project.

May 13th, 2013

Creative Direction // Styling // Modeling

Sometimes, you just gotta bring it back to square one. The violently bright 90′s tones, the unmistakable public display of athleticism, the rotary neck force of innocent bystanders. Fssssh, fsssh, fsssh goes the nylon. This was home for us.

Photographed by our good friend and frequent partner in crime: NICK ONKEN. The Order of the Nylon Hand is one of many choice outings schemed up by The Club and its braintrust. *We have premonitions, sometimes. And the editorial you see above is a direct result of one we had while stranded in a desert drinking Jameson. Enjoy.

Roosevelt Surveyance Observation 001

March 30th, 2013

Creative Direction // Photography // Styling

Roosevelt Surveyance is the Winter 2013 chapter of a quarterly editorial effort intended to document the stylistic leanings of The Club, immediate friends, and close family. The following portraits are not intended to be instructional or aspirational. Nor are they intended to be in line with any current trends or dictations of the fashion universe.

These portraits represent the current stylings of Club members across the globe and nothing else. And while this description may seem overly serious, the approach to the styles documented here is anything but. Quarterly Observance on behalf of The Madbury Club. Winter 001. 2013.

Moonstomping: Planetary Recon

September 24th, 2012

Creative Direction // Photography

Zero gravity isn’t for the faint of heart, it’s for the faint of soles. Which is why, ultimately in preparation, we decided to strap on a pair of the Nike Zoom Meriweathers and go ricocheting off some of nature’s sturdiest. What with the upcoming privatized missions to Mars and the like, we figured Lord Elon would need some astro-ready citizens. But how to decide the footwear for a new frontier? Must we take inspiration from the likes of Pharrell and Lil’ “not the same” Wayne? Maybe steal a page from Mr. McFly’s recently released memoirs?

Oh no, no, of course not. We’ve chosen the best-in-class for such matters, the Nike ACG Hiking Boot to rule them all. The Zoom Meriweather boasts a sockliner so comfortable, cushioning so responsive, it’s the clear choice for any plummets or vaults of the extra-galactic variety. And if the lunar sands lodged betwixt our gridded traction wasn’t a sign, it might’ve been the supple-as-a-Saturnese-ring suede upper that sealed our fate. Heed our words when we say that the rugged folks at Nike truly manufacture Gear for All Conditions. ACG: getting you to infinity and then some.

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